Overcoming Anxieties That Impact Oral Health

Most people are willing to admit that they don’t enjoy visiting the dentist. In fact, many people dread their regular checkups and cleanings, as well as any treatments and procedures they may need to correct dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, this anxiety prohibits some people from keeping their dentist appointments or even making them in the first place. If you are often intimidated by visiting the dentist, here are three ways to help you feel calmer and more prepared for your next checkup.

Ask for Pain Relief and Sedation Options

Many dentists and hygienists are willing and able to provide various solutions to help you manage pain and anxiety while at your appointment. Check to see if your office has obtained conscious sedation certification for dentists and is allowed to offer IV, gas or medicinal sedatives to patients. Even something as simple as taking ibuprofen ahead of time or requesting a topical numbing gel can go a long way to ease discomfort and help you relax.

Improve Your Home Care

Routine cleanings are often uncomfortable due to poor oral hygiene. Switching to high tech equipment can strengthen your teeth and gums by getting them cleaner and toughening them up. Use a top of the line electronic toothbrush and Water Flosser for a more intense clean that gets you ready for your next checkup.

Seek Professional Help Through Counseling

While some anxiety about visiting the dentist is incredibly common, an overwhelming fear should certainly be addressed. If you are unable to cope with having your teeth cleaned and cared for, make an appointment with a therapist who can help you devise a plan to make it through your next visit.

Neglecting to receive proper dental care could result in a variety of problems, including the development of other serious diseases. Don’t skip your next appointment because you’re feeling nervous. Make some changes and ask for help to get you on the road to better dental health.