Practical applications for 3D printers

People are buzzing about 3D printers and all of the amazing things they are capable of creating. It seems the possibilities are limitless with this new technology. Professionals continue to experiment with these printers to see how they can apply to various different fields. Here are some interesting ways people have been able to use 3D printed images.


According to the Journal of clinical dentistry, 3D printed images are being used to perform dental implant and reconstructive surgeries. When significant bone loss makes reconstructive surgery difficult, these 3D printed images are being used to make up for the lost structure in the face. It is astounding that these machines can help medical professionals reconstruct someone’s appearance and give them more confidence and a positive outlook.


A larger scale version of a 3D printer which uses the same material as the small, personal sized machines was able to construct a dome shaped structure. This shows that 3D printers have great potential in the building and construction industry. With more time and experimentation, there is no telling what kinds of structures these 3D printers will be able to build.

3D Photos

A 3D printer has been successful at creating a 3D model of a photograph taken with a regular camera. Many images taken from all angles were compiled to help the machine come up with a 3D image. It was then able to create a 3D print out of that compilation, thus turning a regular photo into a 3D image.

Whether it is with a small, personal sized machine or an industrial one capable of printing buildings, a great deal of the potential for future applications of 3D printed images has yet to be discovered. It is always exciting to see the latest developments this new technology has to offer. Considering all of the accomplishments people have made using 3D printers so far, the possibilities are endless.