3 Reasons Companies Should Drug Test Employees

Testing employees for drug use is something that many companies do before as part of the new-hire process. While they may have a policy in place that allows for the random drug testing of workers, some companies do not do additional testing. Making sure that employees are not using illegal substances can help the business ensure the safety of other staff members, customers and vendors. It can also allow the company the opportunity to help the employee.

1. Safety

If a worker is taking illegal substances, that can negatively affect their judgment and reaction times. This can be dangerous in certain situations and result in an accident that injures the employee or others. Think about implementing drug testing in the workplace Houston TX to keep people from being hurt on the job.

2. Help Employees

While many people believe that business owners who find out that their employees are taking drugs will fire them, that is not always the case. Some companies care about the well-being of their staff members and will take action to help employees who are battling addiction to stop taking drugs rather than terminating them.

3. Prevent Lawsuits

If someone is injured as the result of an accident and it turns out that the person who caused the incident was under the influence of drugs, there may be a lawsuit. This can damage the company’s reputation, result in the loss of a lot of money and take months or years to fully get over. This can be especially true if the worker was operating a vehicle on a public road and injured or killed pedestrians or other motorists.

The laws that dictate which companies are allowed to require drug tests and under what conditions vary widely across the United States. It is a good idea to consult a lawyer for advice when creating a drug testing policy for workers.