How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and keeping it healthy is important. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to maintain healthy skin, including the following.

Visit a Dermatologist Regularly

If you don’t currently have a dermatologist, ask your primary care physician for a referral and schedule an appointment. When you visit a medical professional who specializes in dermatology Memphis, he or she will examine your skin and take note of any moles, warts or acne. If you have a large, irregularly shaped mole, your dermatologist may advise you to have it removed. If you have persistent acne, he or she should be able to prescribe an antibiotic or cream that will help to clear it up.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day ensures that your skin remains hydrated. Properly hydrated skin tends to maintain its elasticity more effectively, meaning that drinking water could prevent you from developing wrinkles. Failing to consume enough water could cause your skin to dry out and become rough or flaky. If you want to develop and maintain a healthy, youthful glow, carry a water bottle and refill it several times each day.

Sleep at Least Seven Hours Each Night

Those who sleep between seven to nine hours each night enjoy a host of benefits, including healthier and more beautiful skin. The term “beauty sleep” exists for a reason! Your body redistributes its fluids while you sleep, which is why skimping on shut-eye can cause you to develop unsightly features such as under-eye bags.

Just like the rest of your body, your skin needs some care and attention in order to stay healthy and attractive. Look after it by scheduling regular appointments with a dermatologist, drinking water and getting a full night’s rest, and you’ll reap benefits for years to come.