Three Ways to Proactively Stay Healthy

The world is full of promises around our health. Eat this way, drink this shake, take this supplement, buy these workout clothes. Sometimes it can be easy to succumb to all of these frequently empty promises but one of the most important ways you can stay healthy is by regularly getting health and wellness checkups. Here are three people you should be regularly seeing to proactively manage your health.

Open Up and say “Ah”

Dental health is one of the most important pieces of our overall health. There are numerous diseases, illnesses and conditions that have correlations with our overall gum and dental health. Make sure you locate dental care Wayzata MN and find a provider who you are comfortable with, who has convenient hours for your schedule, and offers emergency work should it come up for you or your family members.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Even if you eat an apple every single day, it is still important to visit a primary care physician annually to ensure your body from head to toe is in good working order. Even if you are a fairly healthy person, an annual preventive visit to your doctor will help you be proactive about any emerging health concerns and often provides labs and other measurements which helps a doctor quickly assess if you are healthy or might need additional tests or follow-up. Keeping a log throughout the year of any questions that pop up as you live so you can ask at this appointment is key.

Skin Scans

Skin cancer is increasingly common and easy to find yourself with due to the amount of sun exposure we tend to get and how often we forget to apply sunscreen thoroughly and reapply frequently. One way to help you know your risk level for skin cancer and your current skin damage is to seek a consult with a dermatologist. They also can examine your entire body for any signs of skin cancer and in the worst case scenario develop a removal and treatment plan for any cancer that should emerge.