Addiction – More Common Than You Think

When you think of addictions, you may think of alcohol, drugs, or smartphones. However, the human psyche is much more prone to addictions than you can imagine, and it is manifesting itself in many ways with very serious consequences to the addicted person, their family, and society. Here are a few of the many types of addictions society is currently facing.


Food addictions are thought to be due to emotional disorders that are soothed by the feeling of belly fullness, although there are many debates on the subject. This addiction is also found to be linked to depression, guilt, and self-abuse.


The addiction to gambling has been written about for hundreds of years as the wealthy wagered large sums on horses, women, land, and everything else imaginable. Over time, gambling has become easier for the common man as casinos sprang up, and wagers could be openly made. This addiction can have a devastating effect on the person, the family, and society at large.


Whether it is exercise to the point of exhaustion, frequent trips to a plastic surgeon, or refusing to eat food, the need to maintain a specific appearance is obsessively important to some people to the point it can become an addiction. Some individuals with appearance addiction believe they are ugly and in constant need of modification; thus, the addition can be related to mental health issues.


Video games are one of the newest types of acknowledged addictions, and they were once thought to be common only in young men. However, the newest reports show the females and males of all ages are becoming fans of fantasy and reality alterations in video games. There have even been deaths related to this addiction, and anyone that thinks someone they know may have a problem should talk about addiction recovery plans.

If you or someone you know has an addiction, consider suggesting they see a counselor to discuss the possibility. Therapy, behavioral modification, and counseling have been shown to help in the recovery process.