Helping Ill or Elderly Loved Ones Maintain Hope

The people you care about can bring so much joy to life. Sharing a smile, a joke or important moments brings people together. When a loved one is suffering, it can be hurtful to you as well. Injuries, sickness and old age can take their toll and you may want to assist them or help them reclaim some independence. These tips can help you do that.

Keep Things Real

Allow your loved one to express their feelings about what they are going through. Acknowledge their feelings and don’t skirt the issues. They need to feel validated in order to deal with the things they are going through. Pretending the situation is still as it was can make both of you feel awkward.

Help Them Smile

Acknowledging reality does not mean you cannot still find joy. Share some jokes and help them learn to laugh at their new normal, laughing with them, not at them. A sense of humor can de-stress a situation that could otherwise prove embarrassing.

Don’t Try To Do it All

You may be trying to help with feeding or bathing, or even taking your loved one to the bathroom. While admirable, there is something to be said for dignity. Look into the at home health care Bethesda md offers to see if there is an appropriate service that can help.

Look to the Future

The elderly or those with extensive illness may feel that this is the end of the road. They may feel that it will never change and become depressed. Try to help them make simple plans, such as going for a ride next Friday, or planning a stay-in movie date once a week. This can give them hope and keep them looking forward.

You want your loved ones to be happy and well-cared for and you can be a big part of that care. The best thing a person in a difficult situation can have is someone who they can rely on. These tips can make that easier for both of you.

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