Lasers to the Rescue – The Modern Medical Use of Lasers

Lasers are intense beams of light created when rays move through an amplification device and excites the molecules and atoms. Although there has been confusion as to who to thank for creating the amazing laser light wave, the technology has become a useful part of the modern medical scene and is standard in most operating rooms around the world. Here are just a few of the many ways that lasers are being used by your doctor or surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery

You can have some tattoos, warts, and spider veins removed using lasers. Although it often takes more than one treatment with the laser focused at a minimal intensity, the low power can solve the problem right in your doctor’s office.

Kidney Stones

Urology lasers are amazing because they can be used to break up an individual’s kidney stones without opening the patient up. Once the laser hits the calcified pieces and cuts them into smaller sections, the body can remove the bits in the urine. No operation needed.

Prevent Bleeding

Laser lights can be used to stop traumatized blood vessels from bleeding profusely during a surgical operation. Focused on the point the blood is seeping through the damaged vein, the area can be ‘burned’ to help the body have time to close the hole and allow for healing.

Shrink Tumors

Tumors can be life threatening, but thanks to laser therapy, many patients no longer have to go under the knife. With the help of a flexible light tube, the laser can be inserted into the body, and the high temperature light can be shone onto the tumor, heating the cells, and destroying them.

Remove Pre-Cancer

Pre-skin-cancer is thought to be rampant in the United States, so it is great to know it can be easily and successfully removed by a doctor with a laser. The top layers of skin are vaporized with the laser light in a slough/peel treatment that is highly effective.

Lasers are amazing tools your doctor uses every day. It is easy to understand how they have come to medicine’s rescue.