Understanding Young Children’s Health Amid Divorce

When parents divorce, the childhood world of warm security, teddy bears, and late-night cuddles can instantly vanish. Understanding how difficult the mental and physical journey from two parents to one is only part of the solution to the psychological and physical health of children as they fight their way through a choice that had nothing to do with them, but one that still disrupted their world.


The first sign of health problem often comes in the form of self-blame, self-hurt, or listlessness. Even after an uncontested divorce Tampa, in an egocentric world of the child, finding the source of the problem can only involve something he or she did or said. If you see any signs of depression, toilet problems, head banging, or exceptionally violent tantrums, contact a physician right away for strategies to help you stop the behavior before it becomes a necessity for the child.


Some children need to control the world around them, just like some adults. When everything they have come to accept as normal or usual is suddenly take away, it can become quite unnerving. For a child that needs to control their routine, anger may be their only ability to express how upset he or she is. Tantrums may become extraordinarily loud, long, and violet. The child may throw items and hit as he or she tries to voice the feelings roiling inside. Children may also blame one parent, and when that isn’t satisfying, may change parental blame.

Mental Health

Studies show that children of divorce have more psychological problems throughout their lives than children living in two parent homes. From depression to anxiety, the symptoms can be short lived or last a lifetime. The severity of the issue also differs between children and is shown to have nothing to do with the child’s age at parental divorce.

When parents divorce, children are sometimes distressed, but not always. The best thing a parent can do is watch for signs of suffering and address them if they do arise. No two children are affected the same way by divorce, not even children within the same family.