Three Appointments to Schedule When Moving to a New Town


Moving is a busy endeavor, and there are plenty of tasks that can wipe out your schedule for months surrounding a move. With the stress of unpacking, setting up your new home and navigating the new area, it’s easy to forget to find new physicians and specialists to stay on your routine visit schedule. Waiting even as far as a month out could put you behind when scheduling a new appointment visit. To make sure you stay on schedule with your annual appointments, here are three offices to contact as soon as you move to a new location.

The Dentist

Do your research and schedule a dental cleaning vero beach fl as quickly as possible. Skipping just a few weeks or months can put you more at risk for decay, resulting in cavities or other costly potential dental procedures. If you’re in a new area and don’t have much help with childcare, some offices now offer night and weekend hours for those with busy schedules.

The Primary Care Physician

It’s important see a primary care doctor every year for your health. If you’re moving to a new city, it’s vital to seek out your new physician promptly, even if you’re not due for your yearly physical. If you come down with an illness that requires medical attention, most offices will not see you if you haven’t had a well visit first.

The Optometrist

Many people may place a visit to the optometrist at the bottom of the list of health priorities. Your vision is very important, and a lapse in visits with your optometrist could have you dealing with an outdated prescription or an empty supply of contact lenses. Makes sure you schedule an appointment to give yourself plenty of time to receive your next order before it runs out.

Always consult your insurance company to make sure the office you have in mind accepts your plan. Keep in mind that if your insurance plan didn’t change with your move, you may be financially responsible for extra appointments.