Spotting Well Water Problems

If you have water well on your property, seeing cloudy water rush from the spigot and smelling a foul odor can cause a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You know that something must be wrong with the well. Although it might seem like a devastating problem, a phone call to a company specializing in the well and pump repair Tampa FL residents need can be a quick solution. If you are familiar with the common problems associated with water wells, you may be able to spot trouble before it starts.

Common Conditions

1. Hard Water. If there are high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water, your freshly washed clothes might feel rough and lose their color over time. You may consistently experience dry skin or a flakey scalp. A residue will build-up in the pipes, appliances, and it can stain bathtubs or sinks. A solution to this problem is adding a water softener to the filtration system.

2. Acidic Water. Rain runoff can contain high levels of acid, and along with the decomposition of plant life, the pH levels of your water can drop. When the water is too acidic, it will create rust stains in tubs or sinks, and the water may appear cloudy. It can cause also cause corrosion on fixtures and create pinhole leaks in the plumbing. Adding an acid neutralizing filter can help raise the pH level, as well as replacing metal pipe with plastic components in extreme situations.

3. Hydrogen Sulfide. As organic matter decomposes, it can release hydrogen sulfide into the water. The infestation of sulfate-reducing bacteria creates an odorous gas which create a water that smells like rotten eggs. It can also stain your laundry and bathroom fixtures. It is also highly corrosive and can damage the plumbing. Using filter systems can reduce the levels, as well as replacing anode rods.

Maintenance and inspections can help keep your well water clear. Take action as soon as problem is noticed to avoid permanent damage and consumption of unsafe water.

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