Places To Have Your Baby in Texas

If you are expecting, congratulations on the new addition to the family. Becoming a parent can be stressful and you may be asking yourself a lot of questions. One of the first things you will likely want to consider is where you want to have your baby. There are a couple of options to choose when it comes to welcoming your little one into the world.

Cozy Amenities

One option available to mothers-to-be is a birthing center san antonio. These facilities are designed to be relaxing and intimate places to experience a natural birth. Often they have comfortable accommodations such as large beds and Jacuzzi tubs. Care is usually provided by midwives and medical interventions are limited. Because of that, they are best suited to women who have low-risk pregnancies and who will not want an epidural.

Traditional Labor and Delivery

If your pregnancy has come with some complications or you prefer a more conventional setting, you can choose to give birth in a hospital. Hospitals employ doctors who specialize in pre- and post-natal care, called OB-GYNs (obstetrician and gynecologist). Hospitals are prepared to perform any medical procedures you may need, including providing epidurals, inducing labor, and C-sections.

Home Sweet Home

While hospitals and birthing centers try to make childbirth as comfortable as possible, you may feel that there is no place more comfortable than your own home. Fortunately, you can deliver your baby at home and still have professional help, such as a certified nurse-midwife, alongside you. Like birth centers, home births are not a good fit for women who have had complications, and even if you have a low-risk pregnancy, you still may have to go to the hospital if there is an emergency.

If you are going to have a baby, it is a good idea to do so where you will feel most comfortable and at ease. While certain conditions or unforeseen complications may limit your options, it can still help to know your options and plan ahead.

Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Interviewing for a new job? Going on a first date? You may be dressed for success, but will your teeth shine? Many people first notice someone’s smile; in fact, those pearly whites can make quite the first impression. Whether it’s making someone feel at ease or showing someone that you care, your grin reflects much of your personality. Don’t let yellowing teeth prevent you from making professional or social connections. Keeping up with oral hygiene might just relieve embarrassment, and open the doors to new opportunities.

Watch What You Eat

Sometimes what we consume might be good for the overall body, but bad for the teeth. Berries provide an excellent source of vitamins, but they can create discoloration. Regularly consuming coffee, cola, tea, juice, or wine may also blemish the smile. Try to brush after each meal to avoid build up, and drink water throughout between meals.

See Your Dentist

Two regular cleanings a year may help prevent damage. The hygienist will remove plaque and tartar that accumulates, leaving teeth smooth and lighter. What if that isn’t enough? Does the dentist offer teeth whitening? Certain offices such as Park slope dental offer various treatments. Call around for prices and options. Dental whitening takes about 30 to 45 minutes and may leave the enamel several shades brighter.

Establish Routine Home Care

While an investment, an electric toothbrush provides a deeper clean, and whitening toothpaste offers a daily cleanse. Food also gets trapped between teeth that the toothbrush can’t reach, so flossing is important. Hate those long strings sticking in your teeth? Updating to a water flosser or floss sticks may make the experience easier. Follow up with a mouth rinse to help kill any lingering germs, and leave your breath fresh.

Don’t let yellow teeth hold you back. With a brilliant smile, you can feel at ease greeting friends and new acquaintances.

Overcoming Anxieties That Impact Oral Health

Most people are willing to admit that they don’t enjoy visiting the dentist. In fact, many people dread their regular checkups and cleanings, as well as any treatments and procedures they may need to correct dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, this anxiety prohibits some people from keeping their dentist appointments or even making them in the first place. If you are often intimidated by visiting the dentist, here are three ways to help you feel calmer and more prepared for your next checkup.

Ask for Pain Relief and Sedation Options

Many dentists and hygienists are willing and able to provide various solutions to help you manage pain and anxiety while at your appointment. Check to see if your office has obtained conscious sedation certification for dentists and is allowed to offer IV, gas or medicinal sedatives to patients. Even something as simple as taking ibuprofen ahead of time or requesting a topical numbing gel can go a long way to ease discomfort and help you relax.

Improve Your Home Care

Routine cleanings are often uncomfortable due to poor oral hygiene. Switching to high tech equipment can strengthen your teeth and gums by getting them cleaner and toughening them up. Use a top of the line electronic toothbrush and Water Flosser for a more intense clean that gets you ready for your next checkup.

Seek Professional Help Through Counseling

While some anxiety about visiting the dentist is incredibly common, an overwhelming fear should certainly be addressed. If you are unable to cope with having your teeth cleaned and cared for, make an appointment with a therapist who can help you devise a plan to make it through your next visit.

Neglecting to receive proper dental care could result in a variety of problems, including the development of other serious diseases. Don’t skip your next appointment because you’re feeling nervous. Make some changes and ask for help to get you on the road to better dental health.

Practical applications for 3D printers

People are buzzing about 3D printers and all of the amazing things they are capable of creating. It seems the possibilities are limitless with this new technology. Professionals continue to experiment with these printers to see how they can apply to various different fields. Here are some interesting ways people have been able to use 3D printed images.


According to the Journal of clinical dentistry, 3D printed images are being used to perform dental implant and reconstructive surgeries. When significant bone loss makes reconstructive surgery difficult, these 3D printed images are being used to make up for the lost structure in the face. It is astounding that these machines can help medical professionals reconstruct someone’s appearance and give them more confidence and a positive outlook.


A larger scale version of a 3D printer which uses the same material as the small, personal sized machines was able to construct a dome shaped structure. This shows that 3D printers have great potential in the building and construction industry. With more time and experimentation, there is no telling what kinds of structures these 3D printers will be able to build.

3D Photos

A 3D printer has been successful at creating a 3D model of a photograph taken with a regular camera. Many images taken from all angles were compiled to help the machine come up with a 3D image. It was then able to create a 3D print out of that compilation, thus turning a regular photo into a 3D image.

Whether it is with a small, personal sized machine or an industrial one capable of printing buildings, a great deal of the potential for future applications of 3D printed images has yet to be discovered. It is always exciting to see the latest developments this new technology has to offer. Considering all of the accomplishments people have made using 3D printers so far, the possibilities are endless.